The districts of London are impressive system

700.1 London - Yearzonemusic.co.ukLondon is huge and difficult to govern. The capital of the Great Britain has a lot of areas that has to be divided. Districts are governed by politicians. London has 32 areas. The districts were created 51 years ago. Districts were an innovation. Boroughs are populated in a dense way – from 150 000 to 300 000 of citizens. It is huge. London is rich in citizens as it has more than 8 million of them. Each borough is governed by a politician. It is a great idea to come to the city and get to know to the system of ruling. It impresses everobody. The authorities are elected during official elections. Elections are organized every four years. Strangers are not entitled to electing their representatives. The system is clear. The Greater London is the most powerful from London boroughs and the most influencial one. London boroughs have some educational tasks. Education is a serious topic for each of the boroughs. It is worth to know that four boroughs have a name without a word „borough”. There are the City of Westminster, Royal Boroughs of Kingston upon Thames, Kensington as well as Chelsea and Greenwich.

700.2 London - Yearzonemusic.co.ukThe system is clear. System needs some studies and advancements as well as improvements. In the past there were only 12 boroughs but nowadays there are 33 of them. Do we need boroughs? Definitely yes. Without them it would be much more difficult to take care of the responsibilities. It is really good to have all the boroughs of London. Concluding, without boroughs London will be in chaos. Use boroughs as an instrument of huge power. You should concentrate on the system of boroughs and become expert in it. Each city is governed in similar way but only London has such a great variety of boroughs. Other cities have several of them. Come and see how London is organized, which tasks are given to boroughs and why it is settled in this way. You will learn a lot. The knowledge on boroughs will enrich you substantially as not any other pieces of information.

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